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15 April 15

Building A Business Case: Cloud Solutions Prove Their Worth In Manufacturing Sector

While cloud computing has made tremendous gains throughout the business world in the last five years, there are still certain industries where there's more progress yet to be made. One such area is manufacturing, where there are still plenty more potential applications for cloud solutions just waiting to be discovered.

"Manufacturing companies work every day to build products, market them and deliver them to clients all over the world."

Manufacturing companies work every day to build products, market them and deliver them to clients all over the world. This is an arduous process, and for larger enterprises, it's one that's getting harder and harder to manage logistically. Fortunately, the cloud can help with that, lending a tech infrastructure to businesses that sorely need it.

The cloud can also prove immensely helpful in situations where disaster recovery is necessary. When tech resources are out of commission and data is in jeopardy, manufacturers have no time to waste.

How the cloud helps in a high-pressure industry
Manufacturing is a competitive sector in which every business is looking to be faster, more efficient and ultimately more profitable. According to Forbes, this is a primary reason they're looking to cloud computing. Louis Columbus, vice president of marketing at iBASEt, told the news source that the cloud gives manufacturing businesses a way to become more competitive in their respective markets.

"Manufacturers are under constant pressure to increase accuracy, make process speed a competitive force and capitalize on their internal intelligence and knowledge to make every supplier, distributor and service interaction count," Columbus explained. "Cloud-based strategies give these companies the chance to bring their own innate intelligence and knowledge into every sales situation."

The cloud helps manufacturing companies manage their data more effectively and lend greater organization to their overall workflow, which can be invaluable.

A new infrastructure for the manufacturing process
For many years, the manufacturing sector operated in a rather primitive way, relying on "pen and paper" methods for managing the workforce, tracking inventory and coordinating sales. This status quo was unsustainable, and indeed, corporate leaders today are moving toward a new approach, using the cloud as a way to build new technical infrastructures for their businesses.

Pen and paper just won't cut it anymore.Pen and paper just won't cut it anymore.

This is where Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) comes into play. Companies today are able to use IaaS for everything from managing their direct and indirect sales to tracking the hours and wages of their employees. They're able to do all of the above through a common portal, which brings an entirely new level of convenience to every work day.

Of course, these businesses are also able to use cloud-powered IaaS solutions for disaster recovery.

Disaster recovery is absolutely vital
Being able to recover data in times of crisis is vital in every industry, and manufacturing is absolutely no exception. In the manufacturing sector, it's important for businesses to maintain their daily routines – they have rigid schedules for making products, selling them and shipping them to their final destinations. Even a brief hiccup in this process can be catastrophic.

Whenever any disaster threatens the security of a company's data, be it a thunderstorm or a tech malfunction or anything else, the business needs to recover quickly and avoid interruption. Fortunately, cloud-based DR resources are able to keep them protected and steer them clear of any long-term difficulties.

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