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10 November 15

Beating Out The Competition: 5 Ways Cloud Backup Can Help Your Business

If you're in charge of running a business on a daily basis, you're probably driven by an endless list of motivating factors, but one of them is this – you want to be the best. You're competitive, and you want to beat out all the other companies in your industry, especially those close to home who pose an immediate threat.

These days, the way to win in business is to maximize efficiency. Every company is operating with a limited amount of money and manpower, and you don't want a single dollar or minute to go to waste. If you can make the most of your resources in a way your competitors can't, you'll probably be in position to take them down.

"These days, the way to win in business is to maximize efficiency."

To that end, one way to improve efficiency is with superior technology – specifically, through the use of cloud backup solutions. In today's data-driven world, everyone needs a way to store his or her files in a manner that's convenient and secure. Working with a cloud computing provider is a foolproof way to do just that.

According to News Oklahoma, the cloud is just about guaranteed to make your business more competitive. Steve Westerman, director of product and marketing at Cox Business, told the news source that adopting more robust cloud solutions will help just about any company in too many ways to count.

"Businesses need more than a localized storage capacity for security and continuity purposes," Westerman explained. "Today's workforce is increasingly using mobile devices to access business-critical information, and organizations with multiple locations require a centralized data storage facility to secure its assets."

The business world is fast-paced and always competitive.The business world is fast-paced and always competitive.

Below is a rundown of five key ways that increased cloud usage should help your company competitively:

Expanded storage capacity
To succeed competitively, you need to take on more clients, which means more data. The cloud offers a greater capacity for housing all that data, which is an absolute must if you want your business to get ahead.

A cost-effective infrastructure
Everyone's looking to house more data, but how can they do it cost-effectively? That's the real question. Don't be like your competitors, stuck with prohibitively expensive data center construction projects. Use the cloud to keep your budget tight.

More reliable service
If you have a cloud provider that you're certain you can trust, your data will be more accessible on a daily basis, which means your business will be consistently reliable. Customers will take notice, and this should enhance the reputation of your brand.

The utmost security
In this era, data security is a must-have. The cloud can offer a heightened level of security for your business that you can't get anywhere else. As cyberattacks continue to increase in 2015, this is becoming a key value proposition.

Greater continuity through disaster recovery
If a disaster strikes and your data is in jeopardy, you'll want to recover it quickly and maintain continuity. Even a minute of downtime is a minute too much. By managing DR in the cloud, you can make sure that you always have backup copies of your vital files handy. This is absolutely essential.

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