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20 August 15

An Ever-Growing Cloud: Worldwide IaaS Market Continues Adding Value

Gradually over the last decade or so, companies have begun to move away from their traditional ways of managing data and have instead started doing business through the cloud. They've recognized the many advantages of cloud computing – including flexibility, security and cost-effectiveness – and thus embraced the cloud as a new way of managing their future.

"Companies have begun to move away from their traditional ways of managing data."

Specifically, the model they're adopting in droves these days is Infrastructure as a Service, or IaaS. With IaaS, companies now have the potential to replace their old technical infrastructures with new virtualized computing resources that are available online.

This is becoming increasingly popular, and there's a great deal of market research data to prove it.

The Sky-High Numbers On Cloud IaaS
As the cloud becomes more popular with businesses in all different sectors, there's been an increased level of investment in the best cloud IaaS providers. According to Network World, companies are willing to devote significant portions of their IT budgets to revamping their core technologies.

The news source drew upon revealing market research on the growth of IaaS from the research firm Gartner. The data showed IaaS to be one of the fastest-growing markets in the tech sector at large, with 33 percent growth expected in 2015. By the end of this year, cloud-based IaaS is expected to be a $16.5 billion market. After the end of this year, the projection is for a compound annual growth rate of 29.1 percent over the four-year stretch between 2016 and 2019.

Lydia Leong, Gartner vice president and distinguished analyst, told Network World that the increase in IaaS investment reflects business leaders' growing level of confidence that cloud IaaS can now handle a wide variety of daily workflow needs.

Interest in cloud IaaS is increasing in a big way.Interest in cloud IaaS is increasing in a big way.

"Cloud IaaS can now be used to run most workloads, although not every provider can run every type of workload well," Leong said.

Of course, this technology is still evolving, and in the years ahead, more and more companies are likely to embrace a cloud-first strategy.

Observing The Impact Of IaaS On Business Growth
The beauty of investing in IaaS is that it's more than just a technology change – it's an infrastructure change. It helps everything about your business move faster and function better. Employees can easily share data and collaborate on projects. According to StateTech Magazine, this is a key reason why business leaders turn to IaaS as a key tool for driving business growth.

"Time, money and energy spent making technology decisions and hiring staff to manage and maintain the technology infrastructure is time not spent on growing the business," the source explained. "By moving infrastructure to a service-based model, organizations can focus their time and resources where they belong, on developing innovations in applications and solutions."

It's also far easier for your business to grow when you don't have to worry about your files being safe and secure. Another benefit of IaaS is it allows for efficient and painless data backup, which will prove immeasurably valuable in any time of crisis. The IaaS model is one you can always trust, even when disaster strikes.

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