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13 January 15

A Cloud On The Horizon: 3 Key Predictions For 2015

If you were watching the business tech landscape evolve in 2014, you no doubt noticed that companies were moving in droves toward the adoption of more cloud services. Every enterprise has a dire need to keep its data safe and secure – and especially for larger operations with a great many files to protect, that often means that it's unwise to handle matters in-house. The cloud is the place to be.

In 2015, what can we expect? In short, more of the same is likely. The cloud isn't going anywhere as we enter a new year, and in fact, it's only liable to become more omnipresent in business as the hype continues growing.

It's worth taking a moment to discuss potential new developments we can anticipate in the coming year, not only for the cloud industry but also for the growing field of disaster recovery. It's likely to be a busy 12 months.

Here are three things we can expect in 2015.

Growing acceptance of the cloud
The cloud is already widely accepted as a business IT tool, but it's only expected to become more so in 2015, according to TechTarget. Business and technology expert Paul Korzeniowski, says that cloud adoption will rise, and so too will logistical difficulties with the cloud.

"It's worth taking a moment to discuss potential new developments we can anticipate in the coming year."

"The market will continue to gain acceptance and become a key element in delivering IT services," Korzeniowski predicted. "Companies need fast and flexible IT systems, and cloud offers significant advantages compared to traditional on-premises data center services. However, cloud will bring new challenges."

For example, data breaches and rogue cloud systems will be key issues. Cloud backup is a powerful way to strengthen a business' IT backbone, but it brings along numerous difficulties – more on those in a moment.

Constant fear of data breach
The more businesses turn to the cloud for storing their essential data, the more they'll need to worry about that data being at risk. Indeed, ZDNet predicts that data breaches are going to be a serious threat in 2015, citing a Forrester report which basically says cloud data breaches are "a sure thing." in the coming months.

"The culprits will likely be common process and governance failures such as poor key management or lack of training or perimeter-based thinking by your security department," the report stated. "A breach of some form is inevitable."

Threats to your data are everywhere.Threats to your data are everywhere.

Companies will need to protect themselves against their greatest enemy – themselves. Employees will need to be more careful than ever with their vital corporate data.

Growing interest in disaster recovery
With all the concern out there today about cloud data getting breached, the solution fortunately is out there – businesses will need to invest in resources for disaster recovery. Should anything happen to your organization's data – be it an employee-caused breach, a malicious hacking incident or an unpreventable weather-related disaster – action will be necessary.

Indeed, this is a likely trend as we look ahead to 2015. All organizations know the importance of secure cloud data, which means they should all be aware of the need for qualified professionals to handle any and all disaster recovery needs.

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