24 February 14

$50 for Each Cloud Referral

Do you know someone who is interested in moving to the cloud or IaaS to help their business success? If so Virtacore will pay you handsomely for your recommendation.

Here is the deal:

• Refer to us and help us set up to three or more CIO’s, IT Director or Infrastructure Manager meetings to discuss Virtacore services

• We will pay you $50 gift card per meeting

• Meeting attendee must fills out a customer resource form

If you have colleagues or friends who are considering cloud and want to work with the Enterprise Leaders in the hosted VMware space than please respond back to me directly so I can help you get registered and on the schedule.

One last nugget: If your friend buys from us we will pay you up to one month of their first bill, up to $5,000.

That’s serious cash J for a little bit of work.

In case you didn’t know who we are, Virtacore is a leading service provider specialized in VMware hosted solutions. Check out our most recent Press Releases, social media feeds and website for the most up to date information on Virtacore.


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