At the Core Archives: October 2015

28 October 15

Looking Into The Crystal Ball: What Does The Future Hold For Cloud Computing?

What does the future hold for cloud computing in the business world? Here’s a look at five interesting trends to keep an eye on.

20 October 15

Newfound Peace Of Mind: 4 Reasons To Trust The Cloud For Disaster Recovery

Here’s why you can trust the cloud for all of your company’s disaster recovery needs today.

15 October 15

A Healthy Future Outlook: Cloud Computing Solves Key Business Problems In Health Care

The health care sector is currently going through a challenging era in its history. Fortunately, the arrival of cloud computing can help.

13 October 15

Drawing Up A Plan: 5 Steps For Effective Disaster Recovery Planning

How can your company plan effectively for disaster recovery? We’ve got a five-step process for that.

8 October 15

The Interconnected Internet: Virtacore Provides Access To Equinix Exchange

Virtacore provides access to the Equinix Exchange, a platform that links you to many other cloud services including Office365 and Amazon.

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