At the Core Archives: June 2015

30 June 15

According To Schedule: 4 Key Steps To Create Your Disaster Recovery Plan

Do you have a plan in place for disaster recovery? If not, following these four steps can help you devise one.

23 June 15

Roll With The Punches: Cloud Offers A Greater Level Of Flexibility

Are you ready to embrace the cloud for disaster recovery? If you do, you’ll discover an entirely new level of flexibility.

17 June 15

Busting Cloud Myths: 4 Perceived Obstacles To Enterprise Cloud Adoption

Some businesses are hesitant to embrace cloud computing and accept a new way of managing their data. The so-called “obstacles” are often myths, though.

11 June 15

A Trusted Ally: How Channel Partnerships Can Benefit Everyone Involved

Channel partnerships can prove beneficial for all parties involved. Read up on how channel partnerships work and, specifically, the program Virtacore has to offer.

9 June 15

Network Nor’easters: Why New England’s Cloud Data Needs Protection

New England is one region of the U.S. that’s especially vulnerable to disasters and thus could really benefit from adequate cloud-based data backup.

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