At the Core Archives: April 2015

22 April 15

Making The List: 5 Items CIOs Look For In Their Cloud Service Providers

What do today’s CIOs look for in their cloud service providers? There are endless possibilities. Here are five of them.

20 April 15

Changing With The Times: 5 Areas Where CIOs Can Make Improvements Internally

Behind closed doors, corporate IT leaders are working to make a number of strategic changes. Here’s a closer look at five examples.

15 April 15

Building A Business Case: Cloud Solutions Prove Their Worth In Manufacturing Sector

Manufacturing is one industry where cloud computing should play an even bigger role than it already does.

9 April 15

Reclaiming The Power: Mid-Atlantic Businesses Look To Stay Viable Despite Outages

Washington, D.C. was recently hit by a fairly severe power outage. What if such an event happens to your business? Will your data be safe?

7 April 15

Making The Business Case: 5 Reasons Cloud Backup Is An Easy Sell For Your Organization

Still trying to sell your company’s IT bosses on the idea of investing in cloud backup? It shouldn’t be difficult. The cloud is an easy sell for five reasons.

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