At the Core Archives: February 2015

27 February 15

Have Faith In Your Data: Unitarian Universalist Association Finds Disaster Recovery Success

The Unitarian Universalist Association is one example of an organization that’s found success with Virtacore’s disaster recovery solutions.

27 February 15

Reaching New Heights: Global Market for IaaS Shows Massive Growth Potential

The whole business world is discovering the many benefits of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

18 February 15

What Role, If Any, Should The Public Cloud Play In Disaster Recovery?

In the modern high-tech era, it’s worth thinking carefully about the diminishing role of public cloud services for data backup and disaster recovery.

10 February 15

Manage and Customize: How MSPs and IaaS Boutiques Can Work Together for Business Success

Managed service providers and boutique IaaS providers both have a lot to offer for cloud-oriented businesses everywhere.

5 February 15

A Healthy New Approach: Why Health Care Organizations Need Disaster Recovery Plans

Cloud computing in health care is on the rise. Therefore, disaster recovery in that industry is also becoming a bigger priority.

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