At the Core Archives: January 2015

30 January 15

Numerous Businesses Lack Plans for Cloud Data Backup

Not enough businesses are taking action to use cloud backup solutions for their critical data.

27 January 15

How Has Disaster Recovery Changed in the Cloud Computing Era?

The process of protecting business files from disaster has only become more complicated in an era powered by cloud backup data.

20 January 15

Looking At The Importance Of A Highly Customizable IaaS Solution

When you turn to infrastructure as a service for managing your IT resources, you want to use a solution that’s highly customizable for your specific needs.

15 January 15

Go West, If You Dare: Cloud Data Remains In Danger

The West Coast of the United States harbors a great many successful businesses, but they need to be concerned about the safety of their cloud data.

13 January 15

A Cloud On The Horizon: 3 Key Predictions For 2015

2014 was an interesting year for the cloud computing and disaster recovery industries – 2015 might be even more exciting.

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