At the Core Archives: December 2014

30 December 14

What’s New In Disaster Recovery? 3 Key Trends As We Look Ahead To 2015

Disaster recovery is a rapidly growing field. Let’s discuss three trends that were big in 2014 and are likely to stay strong in 2015 as well.

23 December 14

Happy Holidays? Disaster Preparedness Turns That Catchphrase Into Reality

You might be on vacation this holiday season, but you certainly don’t want your cloud disaster recovery service to be.

18 December 14

The Sky Is The Limit: Cloud IaaS Market Booming To New Heights

The world of infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solutions is rapidly growing. What can we expect heading into 2015?

17 December 14

Credit Unions and Catastrophic Act Preparedness – Are you compliant with Parts 748 and 749?

While everyone should care a great deal about their available disaster options, this is an especially salient issue with organizations that handle people’s money and their confidential financial information.

11 December 14

A Galaxy Far, Far Away: Keeping Your Data Remote To Maintain Security

When disaster strikes, one thing’s for sure – you want your cloud data and your business to be located far, far apart.

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