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24 February 16

Cloud Disaster Recovery: 5 Ways Act Quickly To Save Your Business

Disaster recovery is a high-stakes game. Acting quickly can be the key to saving your business.

11 December 15

Disaster Recovery Down-Time Calculator

Virtacore’s disaster recovery down-time calculator allows you to quantify the cost of downtime vs. the cost of a DRaaS solution.  Keep in mind that this downtime revenue loss formula captures only a fraction of the actual total cost of an outage.  It doesn’t incorporate outside factors like loss of goodwill, employee morale and employee productivity. […]

3 December 15

Learning To Trust The Cloud – For Disaster Recovery And Everything Else

A small amount of skepticism about the cloud persists, but on the whole, business IT leaders have come to trust the technology. There are a few reasons why.

1 December 15

Industry Transformation: How The Cloud Is Changing Telecommunications Today

The arrival of cloud technology has had a dramatic transformative effect on the telecommunications industry. Here’s how.

25 November 15

Forward Momentum: 4 Factors Driving The Success Of The IaaS Market

The Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) model has been growing more popular for years. There are several factors helping to make this happen.

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