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23 May 16

The Cloud – Infinite Data Storage and Recover Options for Your Business

Ten years ago, the word “cloud” conjured only the image of a fluffy white mass of water particles suspended in the sky. Today, it brings to mind that mysterious spot in the ethereality of cyberspace where we store and retrieve our data. It’s an image both comforting and frightening. We can easily store the vital […]

24 February 16

Cloud Disaster Recovery: 5 Ways Act Quickly To Save Your Business

Disaster recovery is a high-stakes game. Acting quickly can be the key to saving your business.

11 December 15

Disaster Recovery Down-Time Calculator

Virtacore’s disaster recovery down-time calculator allows you to quantify the cost of downtime vs. the cost of a DRaaS solution.  Keep in mind that this downtime revenue loss formula captures only a fraction of the actual total cost of an outage.  It doesn’t incorporate outside factors like loss of goodwill, employee morale and employee productivity. […]

3 December 15

Learning To Trust The Cloud – For Disaster Recovery And Everything Else

A small amount of skepticism about the cloud persists, but on the whole, business IT leaders have come to trust the technology. There are a few reasons why.

1 December 15

Industry Transformation: How The Cloud Is Changing Telecommunications Today

The arrival of cloud technology has had a dramatic transformative effect on the telecommunications industry. Here’s how.

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